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导语:  每一位与电影相爱的电影人,都有一个属于自己的故事;每一个默默努力的电影人,都有一个艺术的梦想。他自称只是一个普通的青年电影人,他有一个梦想:创造一系列让大家能够触 ...


A Dream about Movies, a Heartwarming Prospective

Interpretation: Every filmmaker in love with movies has his or her own story; every quietly hardworking filmmaker has a dream about arts. He is a young filmmaker who labeled himself as “common”; but he has a dream: to create a series of stories that all can get access to, watch and listen to and to spread good movies into the world. His name is Wang You.


In 2009, when Wang You told his family that he would resign from the TV station and found a movie company, everyone found it hard to understand. His mother tried her best to talk him around, asking him to think about it seriously. But his reticent father, a former serviceman, told him to decide on his own and warned him that if he made up his mind, he should be armed to the teeth for the battle ahead, burn the bridge and charge forward resolutely.


After entering the movie industry, he has always kept his father’s words in mind, to stay true to his belief and original aspiration as a filmmaker. For the last ten years, a series of movies written, directed and performed by Wang You came to our sight, telling us the stories about folk-art, human passions and etc.. He also founded Fujian Min-style Movie Association to vigorously make contributions to the creation and production of Min-style movies (movies with Fujian features).


Along the way, Wang You has accumulated much experience. “A Dream about Movies, a Heartwarming Prospective,” that is the benchmark that Wang You laid for himself and also the target he set for Fujian Huawen Movie and TV Co., Ltd. He said, “Film culture is a spiritual main course for the audience, which should be warm and have a soul in it. Every audience can appreciate his or her own life via movies, which touches a heartstring in their minds and echos with their values. Such is the real feast of eyes.”


3 a.m. on July 20, 2018. The crew of the film of “The Faraway Aroma” was busy shooting a scene. It was an action scene that lasted only a few minutes, but already shooting for ten hours; and still half of the scenes were to be shot.


The rain came out of their expectation. In order to catch up with the timeline, the shooting was conducted as usual.So the camera crew and lighting department have to hold the umbrellas to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning in the rain.


In an action scene, each gesture and motion should be conducted with speed, strength and to the point. For the actors who have no knowledge about martial arts, it was rather hard. Wang You knew it as a director, so he gave his actors and actresses enough time and patience. All filmmakers have got gameness. Wang You gesticulated over and over again, and his crew found their way gradually.


Interpretation: Nagged by the noisy rain, the recording department caught every minute to record the sound when the rain abated. On Jun. 20, 2018, when the film “The Faraway Aroma” was started shooting, nearly every night, there were scenes to be shot at night.



On Aug. 9, 2014, the film “The Young Yuanying” directed and supervised by Wang You started shooting. The movie was directed by Wang Kanwei. Young actors and actresses like Chang Jin, Gao Shixiang and Mei Han participated in the film.

“Young Yuanying” is a non-profit movie based on the Buddhist figures. Without business investment or enough fund, Wang You devoted himself to the shooting process with high enthusiasm and strong responsibility. He said that Monk Yuanying preached Buddhism to benefit the public, harbored a love of his country and religion, and devoted his whole life to it. Such spirit moved him deeply, so he began shooting the movie without second thoughts. The process was tiring but delightful as he found his dream: to be a filmmaker with an aspiration.


In Sep. 2015, the film that takes four years to shoot under the guidance of Wang You finally met the eyes of the audience and was then enlisted in the presentation unit of the Second Maritime Silk Road International Film Festival.


Besides the movie “Young Yuanying”, Wang You also made documentaries and micro-films based on Yuanying out of passions. Though it did not give him any economic return, he received many prizes: the Third Prize awarded by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial People’s Government, the Second Prize in the Socialist Core Values Micro-film Competition sponsored by the Educational Bureau of the Publicity Department, the Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau of Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, Good Works Prize of Golden Begonia Prize of the 6th Asia Micro Films Art Festival, the Silver Award of the 1st China Buddhist Jiuhua Mountain Short Film Festivals, the Excellent Works Prize of Buddhism Micro Film Competition of Huayan Art Festival and the Second Prize of Wanfenglin Micro Film Festival.  


On Nov. 11, 2017, the film “The Singing Stones” directed and supervised by Wang You was launched in Fuzhou and a national news briefing was held for it. The movie was played by the new-generation actors, such as Zhang Yu, Bai Ru, Yun Xiang and Hu Meng with prestige actor Ji Lin participating. After two years of preparation and shooting, the film realized the long-held dream of Wang You: making a movie that “gives voice to” love.


Nothing is more romantic and happier than to have a person showing concerns for you and accompany you. “Love, is wordless, which can only be attached by a heart; Love, is soundless, which can only be listened to ...”That is the plot line of “The Singing Stones” and its most touching part.The love of the main role Meng Hao is as deep and firm as the stones he loves, which seems hard to notice and yet shines in every shade and guards against his loved one, only waiting for the moment to give voice to his love. In this hustle and bustle of society, Meng Hao’s love is like a pearl dropped in the ocean; luckily someone found him...


What is real love? Everyone has their own answers. Wang You’s answer is: real love is not to possess, but to guard against it. Therefore, in the film “The Singing Stones”, the love we feel seems to“tear you heart apart”and yet feels safe and warm, which accords with the position Wang You has set for his work: A Dream about Movies, a Heartwarming Prospective.


Wang You hopes that the audience can start a special tour of the island with artistic touch while watching the movie. Before shooting the movie, he set a task for the crew: “Each scene should have a plot of its own,”and he took the team to the site to experience it time and time again.


Half of the scenes of the film “The Singing Stones”were taken in Pingtan Island, shot from the seaside alleys where people inhabit, to the sea, the beach, the blue sky and the unique stone houses ... The sceneries people watch, like the vast sea and blooming flowers and warm spring, will constitute a refreshing and artistic picture of new Pingtan Island.


On Apr. 12, 2019, the film “The Singing Stones”got the official license for movie release issued by China Film Administration and we plan to release it in August of this year.


Happiness is a source of creation. In the world of images, Wang You has pursued lights and shadows relentlessly for a decade. He always tells university students that life itself is the source of happiness and we should choose a happy and passionate career, a career that ensures the lasting happiness in an entire life.


While the film “The Singing Stones” is about to be show, another great film “The Faraway Aroma” directed by Wang You has been completed. The film “The Faraway Aroma”is about patriotic overseas Chinese supporting the Counter-Japanese War, and also about a tea-maker’s protective effort for the secrete recipe of Tie Guanyin tea (a wellknown Chinese tea). The hero of the film Zihan and his lover Yuru eloped to Southeast Asia, where they assisted Ashan to open a tea shop. During the process, the Counter-Japanese War broke out. They raised fund with other overseas Chinese to participate in the Counter-Japanese activities, using the Tie Guanyin tea - the special hometown taste, to arouse the patriotism among overseas Chinese. Then, they joined the army. But due to the insufficieny in fund, they overcame a myraid of difficulties to return to Southeast Asia to raise money, during which they sacrificed family affection and love for their deep sentiment towards their motherland …

《天涯芬芳》取材于华人下南洋故事,1937年,“七七事变”后,抗日烽火全面爆发,国共两党联合抗战,海外华侨在海外侨居地以实际行动第一时间声援国内抗日……从 1931年 的“九一八”事变到1945年8月15日的抗击日本侵略的战争是近代中国人民反对外敌入侵第一次取得完全胜利的民族解放战争 ,取得这次伟大战争的胜利离不开广大海外华侨的热心援助 。海外华侨作为中华民族的一部分,以前所未有的姿态全力投入全民族抗战的洪流中,他们以宣传抗日救亡、组织救亡团体、捐款捐物、寄回侨汇、回国投资、购买公债 、抵制 Et货、回国参军参战、维护国共合作、争取国际援助等多种多样的方式支援了祖国的抗战,为祖国抗日战争的胜利做出了重大的贡献。此番曝光的预告,不仅交代了电影故事发生的背景,也重现了南洋华侨华人支援国内抗战的真情事迹和爱国精神。

“The Faraway Aroma” is about overseas Chinese’s life in Southeast Asia. In 1937, after “the July 7 Incident of 1937”, the Counter-Japanese War broke out on a full scale. The Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China united in an effort to fight the war and overseas Chinese immediately gave their support … The war starting from “the Sep. 18 Incident of 1931” to Aug. 15, 1945 is the first national liberation battle that is won by Chinese people in modern times, which can not be won without keen assistance of overseas Chinese. As a part of the Chinese nation, overseas Chinese devoted themselves to the national war wholeheartedly. They did propaganda on the war, organized social groups, donated funds and materials, remitted money back to China, returned to China to make investment, purchased government bonds, boycotted Et goods, joined the army, upheld the cooperation between the Kuomingtang and the Communist Party of China, and endeavored to gain international assistance. In a word, they made a great contribution to the Counter-Japanese War. The trailer to be released, not only sets the background for the story, but also represents the legends and patriotism of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia during the Counter-Japanese War.


common people, great hero, ode to the motherland and to the hero - that is the theme of the film “The Faraway Aroma”. From the conception to polishing it for 18 times, the writers’ team and chief creation team refined the film over and over again. Though they encountered many twists and turns, the chief writer and director Wang You never gave up. He and over 1000 people made arduous efforts to it, for they had a strong sense of mission as a filmmaker – to live up to martyrs’ dream.


For Wang You, movie is not just a means to record stories and lay out a plot, but also an artistic form of expression, independent of other art forms. A film is a tree, whose branches are metaphors of imagination and ideas. In Wang You’s film, the most attractive part is not only the visualization of abstract concepts or poetic motions, but also a joy mingled with surprise for a new understanding of the image world.


in 2017, Wang You was elected to be vice director and secretary-general of Filmmaking Committee of Fujian Provincial Filmmakers Association to serve the film industry free of charge and to call for an independent production model and distribution network for movie companies. At the same time, he called for his peers to get together to share resources and establish Fujian Provincial Min-style Movie Association, a platform of exchanges and cooperation for the film industry.


Wang You knows that, his effort may not reap a harvest immediately. But he chooses to persist in it, as he wants to be responsible for his life. Wang You never forgets his original aspiration. In the pursuit of his dream about movies, he never forgets social responsibilities and gives huge supports to various public activities. His ten-year endeavors and persistence, the numerous difficulties and setbacks he suffered, can only be understood among those who trudged the journey. Along the way, his spiritual pillar has always been his “common”dream about movies, which is to create stories that all can watch and listen to, and to make good films spread from Fujian to the world so that the film in Min-style is no longer mediocre. This is A Dream about Movies, a Heartwarming Prospective.


Subtitle at the tail of the movie

Striving by your own effort is a most difficult road. As least it seems to be this way. But if you succeed, the road is the most reassuring road. It will become your strength; the more difficult the road is, the more assured you will feel.








Wang You Pursuing a Dream for Ten Years: A Dream about Movies, a Heartwarming Prospective


Love Ambassador of the 4th Councilors’ Board of Fujian Provincial Fund for the Handicapped

Love Ambassador of Gutian Happy Children’s Home

Love Ambassador of Pingtan Public Benefit Association

Outstanding Volunteer and Teacher of Fujian Institute for Lifelong Education

Expert of 618 Coordinated Innovation Institute, School of Social Innovation / China Lifelong Education and Social Innovation Think Tank (Cross-Straits Think Tank)


Award-winning Works Directed or Produced by Wang You:


The Singing Stones: Fujian Top Ten Key-theme Film, the Recommended Key-theme Film of Fujian Pavillion in the 23rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Particularly Recommended Film of Maritime Silk Road Film Festival.


“The Faraway Aroma”: Fujian Top Ten Key-theme Film, the Recommended Key-theme Film of Fujian Pavillion in the 23rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Particularly Recommended Film of Maritime Silk Road Film Festival.

《少年圆瑛》荣获由中共福建省委、福建省人民政府联合颁发的福建省第八届百花文艺奖三等奖; 获邀入选第二届海上丝绸国际电影节展映单元,

Young Yuanying: The Third Prize of the 8th Fujian Provincial Hundred Flowers Awards granted by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial People’s Government, enlisted in the presentation unit of the 2nd Maritim Silk Road Film Festival

《出水芙蓉》 荣获第四届亚洲微电影节金海棠奖好作品奖;荣获福建省广播电视艺术奖二等奖。

“Water Lotus”: Good Works Prize of Golden Pegonia Award in the 4th Asia Micro Film Festival, the Second Prize of Fujian Provincial Radio and TV Art Award


“Eminent Patriotic Monk Yuanying”: the Second Prize of Socialist Core Values Micro Film Competition sponsored by the Educational Bureau of Publicity Department, the Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau of Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and Central Newsreel & Documentary Film Studio, the Silver Prize of China Buddist Jiuhuashan Micro Film Festival; Excellent Works Prize of Buddism Micro Film Competition of Huayan Cultural Festival, the Second Prize of Wanfenglin Micro Film Festival

《佛光万古存》 荣获第四届华东六省暨全国部分省市微电影微视频一等奖;荣获中共福州市委、福州市人民政府主办的第三届茉莉花文艺奖二等奖。

“The Forever Flammule”: the First Prize of the 4th East China and Chinese Provinces’ Micro Film Festival, the Second Prize of the 3rd Jasmine Art Award sponsored by the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government.

《红豆》 荣获中国京津翼最佳创作提名奖、最佳女主角提名奖;荣获福建省广播电视艺术奖三等奖。

“Red Bean”: Best Creative Works Nommination Prize and Best Heroine Nomination Prize of China Major Cities in Beijing – Tianjin – Hebei Region Award, the 3rd Prize of Fujian Provincial Radio and TV Art Award

《耕读传家 清廉传世——林耀华人类学的中国经验》荣获由中国电视艺术家协会、中央教育电视台主办的全国家风主题电视纪录片展评优秀作品奖。

“Passing on the Family Line by Farming and Reading, Leaving an Honest and Upright Name for Posterity – Lin Yaohua’s Experience of Anthropology in China”: Outstanding Works Prize in the National Family Doctrine TV Documentary Presentation and Competition sponsored by China Television Artists Association and The Central Education TV Station.

《圆瑛大师》 获邀入选第八届海峡影视季推介展映单元。

“Master Yuanying”: the 8th Strait TV and Film Festival, Presentation Unit

《海峡风尚MV音乐电视》 获中共福建省委宣传部、福建省财政厅主办的2016年度网络视听节目内容建设扶持资金奖励;

“Strait-style MV”: capital fund of 2016 Online Video Programs Development Project sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial Department of Finance.


“Wenling Village in Wenling Town of Changle City, a Beautiful Village Jointly Built by Fujian and Taiwan” : “Top Ten Glamourous New Village” in the Chinese Farmers’ Art Festival sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Culture and China Federation of Literature and Art Circles.



Master Musical Work Composed or Created by Wang You:

“You are my entire world.”, “The Faraway Aroma”, “The Love of Beans”,“Loving you in the Rain”“On the Wings of Our Youth Dream”, “Music won’t Wait””Strait Style””The Forever Flammule”